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There was a time when the Steam Controller was going to be really bizarre (see art above): Zero analog sticks, four buttons arranged around a massive touchscreen that would help simulate the rest of the keyboard, and two enormous touchpads for camera control and movement. And we reacted with confusion. “Bizarre,” we said, “but I guess I’ll give it a shot.” Then some of us gave it a shot and were all, “Well, I guess it’s okay. I just don’t think I’d ever use one instead of an Xbox 360 controller.” Valve apparently heard us, first adding two diamonds of buttons onto the controller , similar to a D-Pad and the ABXY block we’re all familiar with. Then they added a damn analog stick instead of the D-pad.
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Steam Controller redesigned once again, leak suggests | Games |

Yep, the Steam Controller has gone from trackpads and touchscreens to D-pads and thumbsticks. If the leak turns out true, the Steam Controller design cycle tells a depressing tale: so far, Valve just cant figure out how to revolutionize the way PC games can be controlled. After all, the Steam Controller went from a wacky, unique gamepad to one much more traditional.
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