I think its a really effective update for us. In the few weeks since its unveiling, the new cockpit design has been greeted by rave reviews as more and more RV enthusiasts get a first-hand look at Libertys 2016 coaches . A pair of new models the No. 792 Torello Edition and the just-completed No. 795 Fairfax Edition will be touring the country throughout the summer and making stops at select rallies along with way.

Nissan design chief on CarPlay, autonomy and the future of interior design – Yahoo News

Nakamura-san has been with Nissan for decades and has held this role for nearly 10 years. This, he says, has been a period of radical evolution in the automotive design, but even bigger changes are afoot. One of the biggest drivers of this change? The smartphone and, more specifically, technologies like Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. “This is a hot issue for Nissan,” Nakamura told CNET. “It’s really changing the interior.