Orange County Window Blinds Sure Do Beat Our Old Store Bought Ones

You can’t remodel a room without getting new window blinds. We like the louvered ones the best, but we did not want any cheap miniblinds like you can get at the department store. We wanted ones that would offer privacy and light control and would last for many years. We also wanted ones custom fitted to the window sizes of the rooms where we were having them installed. That is why we chose Orange County blinds to do the work. They have a great selection and they do the installation. My wife knew better than to have me installing window blinds.

The old ones we had were the metal ones. You know which ones I mean. They are the ones that get all bent up if you have kids or a dog or a cat. It took our new dog about 30 seconds to ruin a metal miniblind for a low window in a bedroom. We definitely wanted the Orange County blinds to hold up against regular use and the occasional knocking about from a pet. The department store ones were just not up to the job. Even if you get the plastic ones that you install yourself, the hot sun breaks down the plastic making them brittle. In the long run you are much better off to get high quality window blinds and shades that are professionally installed.

We like the ones we got so much that we are thinking about not adding any window treatments. Who needs a valance when the blinds on the windows are already a fashion statement? The same goes for the shades they offer at Orange County blinds. We were only going to do the one room we had remodeled and the other room next to it you can see from the street so the blinds would match when you see them from the outside. We decided to have them all replaced, and we are happy with the results.