In the same way you can paint the coffee tables or side tables in red from the inside to give a contrasting look. This natural focal point can be anything, be it a beautiful antique fireplace or a picture window which has an amazing view. Having mirrors placed on the doors of the closets will help make the room look more spacious. See that the colors that you choose complement the other colors in the living room. Polka Dots Home Decorating Ideas If you have a white wall, paint medium-sized red polka dots on it. Given below are some general decorating tips that will not only help you to decorate the room but also invite positive energy in the home. You can also add your own creativity to these ideas to achieve the perfect room you’ve always desired. In fact, one should use large pieces of furniture in the room to make it look spacious rather that cramming several small pieces. Do you shy away from throwing parties?

To top it off, the hotel offers butler service and breakfast. More Even if you consider yourself a well-traveled adventurer, chances are extremely high youve never the kind of open-air hotel room now available at Switzerlands Null Stern Hotel . Sure, some exotic locales may have a large portion of a living room exposed to the elements or feature a somewhat open-air bungalow, but its Null Sterns version which deftly toes the line between luxury and whimsy. Featuring nothing but a bed, two end tables, and two lamps seriously,thats it the room is minimalism in its truest form. Fingers crossed you wouldnt have to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Home: Turn your kitchen into your favorite local brewpub with Hopsys HomeTap If sleeping under the stars in a hotel-quality bed sounds like your type of crazy lets be honest, who wouldnt want to stay here? its worth pointing out that in addition to the lack of typical hotel room accessories, the suitedoes come with butler service and complimentary breakfast. Perhaps most impressive is that the price of the room isnt entirely absurd, costing roughly $253 per night. As touched on above, it features no bathroom with the closest such restroom being an estimated 10-minute walk away. No stranger to odd hotel rooms, Null Stern Hotel employed Swiss artists Frank and Patrick Riklin after seeing their innovative open-air room design as part of the Art Safiental land art festival. However strange the room might seem, this isnt inherently groundbreaking for Null Stern a term which translates into Zero Stars. Several years ago, the hotel first opened as an eco-luxury hotel whose first room was a converted nuclear bunker. Even though this version is radically different from the first one in the nuclear bunker, the essence and the spirit of the concept remains the same to put the guest at the center of the experience and to focus on the intangible by reducing everything else to the minimum, hospitality professional Daniel Charbonnier told Inhabitat .

How about flaunting your collection of books using these stylish bookshelf designs? There is also an illusion of height that this type of ceiling can give to a room. Here’s one such idea. Soft or pastel pink when used in the south west corner can revive a dull or ending relationship, whereas Cray or silver colons when used in the Northwest can bring in opportunities and success. Once the matter of wall colons are solved, you need to think of ways in which you can decorate each room to make it appear spacious and warm. The sofa should not obstruct the movement of the people. Using shades of orange in the colon theme brightens up the room, making one feel welcomed. Here you can install a different kind of wallpaper, a novelty palm tree for instance. All the Best! Don’t you think designing your dining room ceiling would also be a good idea.