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70’s retro bedding – Bedding is one of the most important aspects of any room, as it is usually one of the first things people notice. Find funky 70s bedding such as tie dye bedding, peace sign bedding, or psychedelic themed bedding for your retro bedroom online or at specialty retailers. Be sure to select bedding that will blend with the color of your shag carpeting. For example, if you’ve selected a deep blue shag carpeting, look for bedding that has just a hint of that color mixed in with the print. Retro bedroom accents Beaded curtains – This was something that was commonly seen in the 70s. Beaded curtains were used in doorways in place of doors, or behind beds in place of headboards. Add a few beads to your retro bedroom to give it a fun and exciting look.

Decorating your bedroom with all white | Alissa Ugolini


Style 3: Beachy Credit: Molins Interior When coupling a rich ocean blue with white walls and white bedding, you can create a distinctly Mediterranean and beach themed interior. If you are the type of person who likes a feeling of vacation and holiday in your home everyday, this is a great style to complement your wandering, nomadic spirit. Blue is one of the best combinations to add with white, but be wary! Steer clear of pastel shades because you may end up with your bedroom looking more like a nursery than an oasis of relaxation and respite. Style 4: Rustic Credit: Egger’s Einrichten White is an essential colour for creating a rustic themed bedroom. In conjunction with the whitewashed brick wall, and elegant touch of grey, this whimsical bedroom has a dreamy and nostalgic feel about it.