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Generally speaking, it would be pink or red, but these two colours aren’t exactly ideal if you are planning to design a sophisticated and adult room. There are, however, other ways to bring a romantic and intimate spirit in your bedroom without introducing the aforementioned colours.

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Here, according to Guindi, are some of the healing touches we all can use, too: Nature as medicine: “We know from countless studies that nature aids healing and improves well-being,” Guindi said. So both homes and hospitals should incorporate lots of natural light, live plants and flowers, the sound of running water and views onto gardens or courtyards. “Draw from the flora and fauna that surround you,” she said. This Florida medical tower featured paintings of local birds and tropical flowers; nature-inspired wall colors from Restoration Hardware in shades called Shore, Sea Green, Dusk and Atmosphere Blue; and textile motifs inspired by seashells, ocean waves and palm branches. Purposeful color: Designers know that colors can evoke various physical responses.
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These can be found fairly inexpensively at places like Walmart or Target. Buy one large shag carpet, or several smaller ones in various colors to give your retro bedroom a truly authentic look and feel.