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It was drab, most certainly not chic, and filled with old furniture and painted in a cloying shade of bubble gum pink. Andrew wanted a funky space in which he could either relax or entertain guests, so I decided to take my best swing at modernizing his digs. I wanted to give the living room a dramatic, urban feel, but also have it connect with the great outdoors. To kick things off, I covered up the not-so-pretty-in-pink walls with a cool shade of cream. This creamy color blended nicely with the dark wood accents and other natural and earthy colors I chose for the space: deep chocolate, warm gray and delicious cognac. I also selected fabrics with a lot of texture to soften the contemporary, stark lines of the room: velvet, chenille and even a whimsical faux-leopard print for the stair runner. I then got to work making each of the room’s walls unique.
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The cabins carpet, meanwhile, uses recycled bits of old, discarded KLM women’s uniforms. The changes are being made on the fleets Boeing 747-400s and will debut in an inaugural flight in July. The entire 747 fleet is expected to have incorporated the new design by April of next year.
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KLM redesign aims to turn plane cabin into living room – Hindustan Times

Get Storage Savvy and Hide Clutter : Invest in furniture pieces that can not only hold a lot but also hide your clutter as well. Look for pieces that mix open and closed storage for a more stylish look, such as the mini bar piece Emily used in The Raimondos redesign. Invest in Multi-Functional Furniture : When living in a smaller space, its important to get the most out of your furniture. Look for pieces that can serve multiple purposes such as the storage ottoman used in this years redesign, which functions as both seating and storage. Change a Rooms Ambiance with Lighting : Use remote controlled lighting to create the perfect level of brightness for any room.
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