We Got a Great Housewarming Gift

It took us a long time to save up the money for the house and we are really happy with the fact that my grandfather decided to help us to furnish it. Of course he worked out a deal with a friend of his who runs a furniture business. I am not sure exactly what he was swapping with him, but it has something to do with accounting I would assume. He got us one of those new adjustable beds, the sort which has two halves which can be elevated separately and has a way to change the rigidity of the mattress. Emily and I really like it, especially when you compare it to the old mattress that we had been sleeping on. That thing needed to be thrown away when we got it, but obviously a new mattress costs a good bit of money and we have been trying to save money for a house. In truth we are now sitting pretty good in a lot of ways.

The house costs a lot of money when you talk about the down payment. However the monthly cost of it is less by quite a bit than our rent was. That seems a bit absurd when you think about it, but it is quite true. In fact you can rent a house for less than you can rent an apartment from what I have been able to learn. At any rate the gift of the furniture was a huge thing, because that was obviously the first thing that we would need. We were going to keep more of our old stuff, but instead we gave it away to some friends of ours. The living room set alone would taken us a couple of months to get the money together for in fact.