The First Baby Paranoia Syndrome

You want everything to be perfect with the first child. I have seen this before. My sister-in-law made us all wash our hands before holding her first child. It was not the case when the second one came along 15 months later. It was like, he can take the germs. It was funny how her and her husband would stay up in shifts to keep an eye on the first child. As it was seen that he was okay, their fears relaxed. They did not become lacks in care, just more rational. It’s wise to have the best baby monitor, the best crib, clothes that are safe and toys that are not risky. Babies and toddlers have no experience in risk, so you want to protect them from things they do not know about. However, you cannot protect them from everything.

Have you ever heard the information that all of the antibiotic soaps and cleaners are actually making people sicker? The theory is that bacteria and viruses that we were normally exposed to are getting stronger and stronger because only the most hearty ones are surviving all of the chemicals we are using to kill them. Then the germs are becoming more virulent than before because of their strength and resistance to being controlled or killed. Our germ-free treatments could be making us sicker over time. Granted, we need to take precautions to not make people with compromised immune systems ill, but we may be part of the cause of compromised immune systems. Where do we draw the line? Should we wash hands before holding a baby? If we are sick, we should not even be holding a baby.

So many choices in raising children. We have the best baby monitor because we want to hear and see when our baby is fussy in her crib. I like being able to see her on the monitor whenever I want without having to walk down the hallway. I feel a peace of mind being able to keep an eye on her. I feel a peace of mind having the best crib we could get her that never has had any safety issues. We choose only top rated and safe toys for her. We want to protect her from dangers unknown. That is it in a nutshell-dangers unknown. So, I suppose it is good to be a bit paranoid raising a child, but we have to be rational too.