Taking Care of Your Mementos is Important

The first time my dad told me that I would be receiving an allowance for doing chores around the house when I was a kid, I immediately began daydreaming about which record album I would buy first. I wasn’t legally old enough to work yet, so I always had to wait for a birthday or a holiday to get an album as a gift. And that wasn’t even a sure thing. But with an allowance, I knew that I could finally get my hands on much-loved music. These days, I have a top-notch, vinyl record holder for some of my favorite LPs from back in the day.

When I was pretty young, I can remember letting a lot of my records lay on the floor in a mess. Sometimes they would get scratched or cracked as a result. As much as I respected the music that I loved so much, I didn’t yet know how to fully respect the items that held the music for my listening pleasure. It is because of that, that I don’t have all the albums I bought as a young person. I have fifty at most. Oh, I’ve thought about going to buy some of those albums in order to replace the ones I lost due to my own carelessness back then, but buying a new album now is not the same. The original albums that I had represented my childhood and teen years, hard work and a really happy time in my life.

For a long time, I started keeping my albums in some old, plastic milk crates. This, of course, didn’t look very stylish, and the crates showed that I still didn’t have the mindset to give something decent respect. But now I know better. I keep all of them in a box with a lid that I purposely bought to keep the rest of my records safe.