My Husband is Not a Decorating and Window Covering Expert

You cannot remodel a living room without redoing what covers the windows. My husband thought it was fine to keep the old draperies. I disagreed. Guess who won? Then I had to explain to him that the adjacent dining room would also need matching curtains. He asked me why so I took him outside and had him look. He did not notice anything. I pointed to the dining room window on the left and the living room window on the right. Both of them are in front of the house. I was ordering window coverings in Brentwood CA while he was still trying to figure out what I meant.

He has played this game with me when it comes to fixing the car, the mower or other things I do not know about. It was kind of fun to have him figure out what I meant. He went outside while the guys were working replacing the window coverings. They did the dining room first. He went out and took a couple of pictures with his cell phone. I caught him studying them that evening. We were actually watching TV when he exclaimed, “They would be different colors!” I actually jumped when he said it and did not know at first what he was talking about. He looked at me and said it again adding details that the curtains would have been different colors on the front of the house if we had not replaced both rooms.

I was pleased that he figured it out. I must give him credit, it took me a week to figure out what he was talking about when the car needed fixed. I had to look it up online and then reread it ten times before I actually got what the problem was. He was so proud of himself for figuring out why I took him outside to look at the curtains, and he did agree they looked good.