Living on the Shore of the Large Lake is Our Dream Come True

We have always liked visiting the big lake. We had talked over and over again how we would like to have one of the cottages along the lake. They are actually very nice and well appointed small homes on the shore of the lake. They go in a long single line along the shore and are bordered by a two-lane paved road. The lake is behind the houses, and the road is in front, so it is not crowded like a regular neighborhood. The cottage style houses are typical of a fishing community. They are wood structures with shutters on the windows and large porches out back that face the lake.

Surrounding each home is a nice patch of manicured lawn. The lake is at the end of a gently sloping back yard that is about 100 feet in length. The shoreline is mostly gravel. The lake is several miles across. You cannot see the other side except on a very atmospherically clear day when you might catch a glimpse of some tall buildings in the city that borders the opposite shore. The large lake can have rough waters in bad weather, but the cottages have never had any problems with flooding. Yards have had damage done to the grass a few times over the years, but that is the price of living close to the water.

We bought one of the cottages as a second home, and it became our only home when we retired. We should have moved here years ago. The commute to work and living in the smaller cottage would have been worth it. We found ourselves spending so much time at our cottage home that we finally sold our other place. The views out the large picture window that faces the lake are incredible. The shutters fold back from the inside out of the way to reveal such amazing sunsets. It is a wonderful place to live.