Doing a Bit of Contracting Again

I am sort of back into contracting myself out. In fact I am working for a couple of different companies. I install alarm systems and home automation systems for a number of freehold home security system providers. Of course the cable company here has the same type of services and they pay me to do the work for them as well. Of course I do work on my own, but usually I am starting from scratch when I do a system on my own. That is to say you hire an architect or a contractor who comes up with a plan to build you a house. Of course they build the house that you are willing to pay them to build and if you want to pay them to make it a smart home or a somewhat smart home, then they call me. Some of the time they know what it will cost to get me to do a job, but most of the time I have to give them a quote. One of them has the habit of just asking some outrageous sum for my service.

I found out from the guy who bought the house and I was sort of torn. Obviously I want the work and I can not be too picky about where I get it, but in essence the guy was doubling the price I would charge to do the work. In fact he is sort of a snobby contractor. He builds really nice custom houses, with the sort of features you would like in a really nice house. At the same time he makes it seem as though he is the world’s greatest home builder and I think that it is sort of funny. Like I said I am not sure how much I like the guy.